The Benefits of Using a Ghostwriter

High ROI: A book project can take hundreds of hours to complete. Few business owners or professionals have that much time to devote to a book, and few would think that is the best use of their time. Experienced ghostwriters generate high returns on the author's investment.
Avoid procrastination: Novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter, William Goldman, has said, "The easiest thing to do on earth is not write." A business owner cum writer will usually let a book take a backseat when pressing business or other matters come up. Because the ghost's sole focus is writing, he or she makes sure the project progresses in a timely way.

Confidence: The author who uses an experienced ghost gains confidence and comfort by knowing someone who has done this before is involved in the project.

Attracting a commercial publisher: Commercial publishers also gain confidence and comfort by knowing a proven writer is involved in the project. This improves the author's chances of attracting a commercial publisher.

Readers' support: Readers are appreciative when authors use a ghost, too. After all, they are not reading the book because of the author's flair with words, but because of his or her experience, insights, reputation and advice. They prefer the book be well written by a ghost than poorly completed by a harried, inexperienced author.