Not surprisingly, my fee depends on how much time and effort I spend organizing, researching, writing and polishing your book. Factors affecting my fee include:

Length of book: The longer the book's length, the more time and effort I must spend on it and the higher my fee.
How well thought out is the book: If you have a good understanding of what you want in the book, writing it will come relatively quickly and my fee will be less than if you are not quite sure of what you want and we must spend time defining and organizing the book.
Research: If I need to do little or no research, my fee is less than if I must to a considerable amount of research.
Background material: If you have background material, such as letters, interviews and reports, that are well organized, I can quickly incorporate such information in the book. If, however, your background material is not well organized, or I have to transcribe taped interviews, my time investment increases, as does my fee.
Timeline: If you require a book by a certain date, such as a corporate history that needs to be completed in time for the company's 25th anniversary, and you leave little time for me to write the book, my fee increases.

I am not cheap, but I am reasonable, efficient and cost effective.

If you self-publish and want me to handle the production side, I will arrange to have the book edited, designed and produced. You pay me a flat fee to manage the project that is in addition to my ghostwriting fee, and pay the vendors directly; I get no commission or kickbacks from them.
References from authors I have worked with are available. If you really want a book, nothing is gained by waiting. Please contact me today.