Have You Wanted to Write a Book?

If you have ever wanted to write a book – to boost your business, tell your life story, help others, for whatever reason – but feel you lack the time, talent, energy or experience to do so, you need a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters have been around a long time. Historians say that Alexander Hamilton was the ghost for much of George Washington's famous Farewell Address.
Today, ghostwriters are probably used more than ever. The New York Times website About.com reports, "It's estimated that more than 80% of published books are ghostwritten."

Deciding to use a ghost will place you in good company. Bestsellers by such business leaders as Lee Iacocca, Donald Trump, Jack Welch and Alan Greenspan were ghostwritten. Celebrities and sports stars routinely rely on them, as do business owners, professional practitioners such as financial planners and consultants, and everyday people who have a story to tell.

Having ghostwritten half dozen books, I can personally attest to the popularity of ghostwriters. In addition to my ghostwriting work, I also authored the book, The Unofficial Guide to Hiring and Firing People, published by Macmillan.